Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Storage Solutions for Every Home

Looking to organize and declutter your home or workplace and want to do so with environmentally-sensitive materials? No matter if you’re handy and want to take up some DIY storage building projects or you want to buy a perfect sustainable storage solution for your home, here are some things you should consider and what types of storage you should opt for.

Be careful what you buy

In order to decrease the need for storage, think before you buy anything that will need storing. Besides your need for the object you’re buying, you should also think about how did the production of this item impact the environment and how will the disposing of it affect it. Every time you want to buy something you can implement the 30-day rule. Wait 30 days before buying something and if you still want it and need it after 30 days you can go ahead and invest. This easy trick eliminates impulse buying and leaves more empty storage space for other things.

Restock often

If you want an efficient storage, especially when it comes to food, you should adopt lean inventory. This means that your storage should only contain necessary things. Putting too many things in your storage can cause unnecessary energy waste, as well as the possibility of your shelves and racks breaking. Every storage space has a weight limit, and if you overstep it, you might cause it to break. This means you have to buy new cabinets, shelves or racks, which is not sustainable. So, if you want green storage, it’s best if you make frequent goods deliveries and store smaller quantities.

Use recycled and reclaimed materials

People today exploit more resources than we can afford, so using recycled and reclaimed materials should be your priority if you want to be more sustainable. You can get a lot of interesting and practical storage solutions such as bins, boxes, crates and shelves made of bamboo, cork, recycled paper and plastics. For instance, bamboo is a great sustainable material because it grows very fast and reaches maturity in only three to five years. It’s also quite durable and has a higher compressive strength than brick, concrete and hardwood.

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Textile storage solutions

You can also get beautiful organizers made of 100% organic cotton. They are perfect for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms and bathrooms because they can be mounted on the wall, leaving you more space for other activities. You can get them in stores or make them yourself using leftover linen and other fabrics.

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Use up your vertical space

If you think that you need more square footage for your storage, you should look up. Instead of expanding your storage space horizontally, you can implement a much more energy and space efficient ways of storing: Use your vertical space. This way, you’ll save a lot of resources compared to building or expanding your storage horizontally. The key to making the best use of your vertical space is to find the right and sturdy shelving solutions which can hold all the weight.

Under-the-bed storage

Under-the-bed storage is perfect for small apartments that have problems with storage space since it uses up the space that’s usually left unused. This type of storage is also well hidden and doesn’t smother the space. Under-the-bed drawers and baskets can be made out of sustainably harvested wood and can be free of glues, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals. They also come in many sizes so they can fit under twin, queen or king-sized beds. There you can store bed linen, seasonal clothes, kids’ toys and other things you don’t use very often.

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If you want your storage space to be green, you must install energy efficient lighting solutions. Replacing the traditional bulbs with LEDs or CFLs is a relatively cheap and easy step towards becoming more energy efficient. These new bulbs use less energy, are much more durable and provide better light.

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Going green and sustainable when it comes to storage at home is an awesome idea. You will not only save money but also protect our planet and make it safe for future generations.

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